One step closer to Microsoft Azure Stack

Great news coming from Microsoft – we are so close to finally getting the Microsoft Azure Stack preview! But… not this calendar year, unfortunately.

Azure Stack will be a combination of Windows Server 2016, Azure Pack and Azure Service Fabric. Combined together, these components will deliver the new “private cloud” solution (or more precisely hybrid solution because you will be able to expand with “public cloud” resources, if needed), which looks and feels like the “big Azure”. Bottom line is that the experience using Azure Stack or Azure will be identical (i.e. Microsoft brings it’s Azure to our on-premises datacenter). Sounds cool! Smiješak

Microsoft released a “teaser” with hardware requirements for its Azure Stack, and who better to explain them than Jeffrey Snover himself. Enjoy this short video.

And the best thing of the whole video is that you’ll need only ONE standard server to host the Azure Stack. One to rule them all. Smiješak

Don’t forget to take a look at the official announcement here (and to purchase additional server if needed, so that you can play with Azure Stack Preview once it gets available).



  1. Is Azure Pack (Pack!) a part of the Azure Stack (Stack), or is it a typo? 🙂

    “Azure Stack will be a combination of Windows Server 2016, Azure Pack and Azure Service Fabric.”

    • Well, actually it’s not a typo. 🙂
      Azure Stack will be a completely new product, which integrates what Microsoft has learned over the years from its CPS story. So, I believe that Windows Azure Stack will include Windows Azure Pack or some extent of its functionality, but things will be much clearer once the preview gets out (soon). Will keep you updated! (and thanks for reading)


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