My name is Tomica Kaniski, and welcome to my personal blog.

I have been active in IT for years… started out as a web designer and web developer, did some Windows development during my college days, and then finally discovered my true passion — systems administration. After acquiring my first certificate in IT (MCP), certification is something that I’ve continued doing through the years, to stay up-to-date on technology, and now I have certificates, titles, and knowledge about almost the entire Microsoft product portfolio. In 2010, I was awarded the Microsoft MVP title in Management Infrastructure expertise, and after two years there, I got switched to Virtual Machine/Hyper-V expertise. So, I’m part of Microsoft MVPs (an extraordinary group of experts) for 10 years now, hoping to stay part of this community in the future. I’m also part of the Azure Insiders and Azure Advisors communities. During all my time in IT, I’ve been providing consultation, implementation, and support services for several companies, not necessarily located in Croatia or the region. Nowadays, you can find me presenting at various local and regional conferences, user group meetings, and other events. I also participate in technical reviewing of books and courses, which is something I enjoy doing.

I’m fully engaged with Microsoft products and technologies (with a focus on Azure, hybrid cloud, virtualization & System Center), not excluding anything fun and non-Microsoft, though. I like to say that I’m mostly interested in products that are yet to be released. In my spare time, I play bass guitar, take photos and also like to read and travel.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy reading its content!
(although, keep in mind that the thoughts laid out here are my personal view of the things and not the views of Microsoft or the companies I’ve worked and am still working for)!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/TomicaKaniski

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomicaKaniski

SlideShare: https://www.slideshare.net/TomicaKaniski


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