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Continue using Windows Server vNext Technical Preview

If you have Windows Server vNext Technical Preview installations that are expiring in a day or so, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft yesterday addressed this issue and released a patch (as promised). Patch will extend the evaluation period of those installations until the October, 2015.

With the next build just around the corner, maybe you won’t need this patch to last for that long, but… it’s fixed.

You can find the patch on Microsoft Download Center, and find the official announcement here. Just remember to read the install instructions coming with it.

Some of us in the MVP community noticed (and finally resolved it, with support from Microsoft people) that the installation of this update on some machines (Hyper-V hosts, in my case) requires that you also (re)activate your Windows installation. If you don’t do it, it may seem that the patch wasn’t applied. Also, remember that this patch needs a reboot or two to be actually “installed”.

My colleague Nirmal also blogged about, and even recorded the installation process, so check it out.


Voilà… enjoy your “renewed” Technical Preview (1) machines! Smile



Live Labs Pivot (technical preview)

logo-pivot Ne znam da li ste čuli za Pivot, novost koja dolazi iz Live Labsa – ako niste, pročitajte Ratkov post ili pogledajte na stranicama. Pivot je trenutno u Technical Preview fazi i moguć je pristup samo putem pozivnice – kako sam ih dobio nekoliko, ukoliko vam ova tehnologija izgleda zanimljivo, javite mi se pa ću vam proslijediti potrebne informacije.