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RemoteApp @ WinDays15

It’s that time of the year again – next week, I’ll speak about the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp at WinDays15 conference. (can’t wait! Smile)

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp session

More info can be found here (and if you’re somewhere near, come and say ‘hi’ Smile). See you in beautiful Umag!



Adventure of installing the Windows Azure Active Directory Module for PowerShell

Well, you know the story – “something needs to be done immediately, usually in the middle of the night, involving PowerShell, and you don’t have all the needed modules installed…”.

The solution seems easy enough – install the required modules, connect to Office 365 and do the job. Yeah… but no! Smile

More specific – I’ve tried to install the Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell the other night. In the end, I’ve succeeded, but something kept me awake a little longer than necessary.

I’ve read an article on TechNet, explaining the management of Azure Active Directory using PowerShell. Why? Because I couldn’t do what was needed via the (nice) user interface.

So, instructions said “Install the Windows Azure AD Module” – I’ve downloaded the appropriate installer (Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version)), and started the installation.

Almost immediately, I’ve got an error saying that the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (version 7.0 or greater) needs to be already installed. OK, I’ve downloaded this piece of software as well (from here), and installed it. “Fortunately” it demands a machine reboot. Rebooted.


Now I’ve tried to install the Windows Azure AD Module again, and got the same error:


I must say that I’m little confused at this point, because I was convinced that I’ve installed this just a minute or two ago. Ok, it’s late. No big deal – I’ve ran the installation again, and got the following screen:


So, it is installed after all. Maybe it’s the wrong version (on the other hand, the TechNet article contains the link to download)? After a few moments of searching, I’ve found the more recent version of this Sign-In Assistant, called Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals BETA. I’ve installed this version now, and tried to install the Windows Azure AD Module afterwards. Now it finally worked!


The conclusion – this TechNet article is slightly out-of-date (linked to the wrong version of the Sign-In Assistant, which doesn’t work with the current version of Windows Azure AD Module) and, until this is resolved, you’ll need to install the BETA version from the link provided above (this one).