Installing Azure ATP Sensor… failed with 0x80070643

Another “short and sweet” one! ?

I was installing a couple of Microsoft Defender for Identity (a.k.a. Azure Advanced Threat Protection, or Azure ATP) sensors, on Domain Controllers behind corporate proxies.

Everything went well on all of them… but the last one, of course!

Every other picked up the system proxy settings and installation went fine, but the last one failed… with a highly descriptive error saying “Installation failed. Error code: 0x80070643“:

It seems that this installation hasn’t picked up the system’s proxy settings (for whatever reason), and this information needed to be set manually during the installation.

So, after downloading and unpacking the Azure ATP Sensor installation, open Command Prompt (as Administrator, of course) and, from its folder, run this command (make sure you enter your proxy information and the right access key):

Hope it helps (helped me)! If it doesn’t, try reading this thread.