Microsoft Azure Backup (WinDays14)

Not so long ago (just before the WinDays14 conference in Croatia), I’ve written an article about Windows Azure Backup (now called Microsoft Azure Backup because of a renaming scheme that followed little after the article was sent to be published). This article was written for the special, conference edition of Mreža magazine.

Unfortunately (for some), this article is in Croatian.

In general, it’s a 2 page Microsoft Azure Backup overview – what can it do, how easy it is to set-up, how it can ease the burden of doing backups, how can it be incorporated into the current backup policy and extend it off-premise, etc.

You can find and read the article using the specialized Windows 8/8.1 app called Bug & Mreža (or direct link) – app created for reading the digital editions of two of our largest IT magazines, Bug and Mreža).

With weekend just around the corner, maybe now is the right time to try Microsoft Azure and, more specifically, the Microsoft Azure Backup feature? Smile

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE (June 14th, 2014): This article was re-published in Mreža magazine, “regular” (not WinDays) edition, July 2014. Makes me proud. Again. Smile

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