New novel on the horizon…

Mark Russinovich has a new book! Smile

It’s a novel called Rogue Code, third one in the Jeff Aiken series (following the great “Zero Day” and “Trojan Horse” novels), and this one is about the breach in the New York Stock Exchange. How cool is that???

I must say that I’ve really enjoyed reading the first two novels, so I can’t wait this one to arrive. Well, I love to read… and not only the “technical stuff”. I’m also happy that I’ve got the first novel (from and signed by Mark personally – thanks again, Mark).


You can find more details and pre-order/order info here.

Happy reading!

P.S. Mark, keep them coming! Smile

P.P.S. If you have something to read, please, send it over here… Smile

UPDATE (June 18th, 2014): It’s here! Smile I’ve received my copy today – can’t wait to start reading!

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